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35 ltr top and side case black with anodized aluminium finish

35 ltr top and side case black with anodized aluminium finish. Also available in the Black Line.brMONOKEY® is GIVI™ long-standing patented system which allows the use of a single key for opening the cover of a motorcycle top case (or the top case of a small-medium capacity scooter) as well as for releasing the case from its plate. Convenience and ease of use is just one of the reasons why this has become the most commonly used fitting system for hard cases and top cases in the motorcycling world. It is thanks to this system that all the cases, top cases and plates from the MONOKEY® range combine top mechanical features, in terms of resistance and anchoring security, with the compact and lightweight qualities of the components used. Three anchor points, positioned so as to provide a significant area of contact with the motorcycle or scooter, guarantee that the load is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the supporting plate. Meanwhile, four spacers - made from an elastic material which is particularly resistant to extreme weather and temperature variations - dampen oscillations and vibrations and ensure firm contact between the bottom of the case and the plate. These solutions have allowed GIVI to achieve an extremely high level of reliability in its MONOKEY® fitting system, which remains constant over time and is capable of withstanding even the most severe stresses posed by road surfaces or driving conditions.

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