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Radialinis stabdžių cilindras Brembo RCS19

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Radialinis stabdžių cilindras Brembo RCS19

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Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA radialinis stabdžių cilindras - naujausias Brembo Racing gaminys. Šis stabdžių cilindras vairuotojui leidžia lengvai pasirinkti vieną iš trijų stabdžių „kabinimo pradžios“ tašką.

N – Normal setting. Stabdžiai pradeda veikti palaipsniui. Ši pozicija tinkama naudoti miesto sąlygomis arba esant prastam sukibimui su danga

S – Sport setting. Stabdžiai pradeda veikti anksčiau (trumpesnė tuščia eiga) nei N pozicijoje. Šis nustatymas tinkamas dinamiškam važiavimui.

R – Race setting. Stabdžiai pradeda veikti beveik be laisvos eigos, vos nuspaudus stabdžių svirtį taip pat kaip MotoGP. Šis nustatymas idealiai tinka naudoti trasoje, kur vairuotojams itin svarbu sutaupyti kiekvieną sekundės dalį.

19RCS CORSA CORTA stabdžių cilindre taip pat yra naudojama legendinė Brembo RCS (Ratio Click System) sistema. Ji leidžia vairuotojui pasirinkti vieną iš dviejų (18 arba 20 mm) stabdžių cilindro atspirties taškų. Priklausomai nuo pasirinktos pozicijos, stabdžių rankenos eiga gali būti trumpa (agresyviam stabdymui) arba ilga (lengviau dozuojama esant sudėtingoms sukibimo sąlygoms).

Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA Radial Master Cylinder is the 19RCS Evolution, the 19RCS with BITE POINT Adjustment. MotoGP riders use master cylinders with calibrated and customized IDLE STROKES: now, with the new 19RCS Corsa Corta, you can do the same.

Through the new adjuster, it is possible to choose the Bite Point (where the lever starts braking) then, the braking feeling.

19 RCS Corsa Corta is full adjustable:


Three different Maps, R-S-N, the selector operates a cam mechanism to let the user choose between three different responsiveness settings.


Click by Click You can adjust the Distance of the Lever from the bar and adapt it to your hand or to your needs.

3. RCS (Ratio Click System):

Lets the rider select a fulcrum-to-piston distance of 18 or 20 mm by simply turning the adjuster screw on the front of the guide lever by 180° with a screwdriver.

Usually this parameter, depends on the various tolerances, product type or model.

The most significant achievement is, that the 19RCS CORSA CORTA allows the rider to tailor the “bite point” exactly where they want it, with an easily accessible selector on the top of the master cylinder itself.

The selector operates a cam mechanism to let the user choose between THREE different responsiveness settings:

- R “RACE” : the position of the cam mechanism shortens the initial stage of the bite point even further to produce the same immediate response of the master cylinders used in MotoGP, letting the rider reach the bite point of the brakes instantaneously. This setting is ideal for use on the race track, where every hundredth of a second shaved off a lap time counts.

- S “SPORT” : the beginning of the bite point is shorter than in the N setting. This setting produces a more dynamic response suitable for sportier riding.

- N “NORMAL” : the bite point starts more gradually, making it suitable for braking in poor grip conditions (rain).

Bite Point is the new feauture, that is added to the two existing setting options:

- Lever Position (Distance from bar) Adjustment

- RCS (Ratio Click System): This device allows to modify the pump lever ratio on two values, 18 or 20 mm, by simply rotation of the eccentric drive placed on the front of the lever drive. By the RCS system – Ratio Click System – it is very easy to pass from one configuration to the other one, modifying the lever ratio to adjust it to the different characteristics of the braking system, of the usage and driving, such as, for ex., the wet or dry conditions, asphalt with more or less grip, circuit with strong braking.

The red spot on the eccentric drive identifies position 18mm of the lever ratio, while black indicates position 20mm.

Other Features:

- Brake lever

The lever is made of two main components: the racing lever drive and the lever itself, folding and manufactured by forging. In the lever joint it has been inserted a patented system which allows the rotation only by the effect of an eventual tumble of the bike, without the possibility of an accidental rotation and getting in this way a bigger dynamic safety.

The control for the lever distance adjustment from the handlebar has been re-placed and now it is in axis with the lever itself, guaranteeing the assembly of the eventual remote adjuster.

By using this control, the press push rod does not move in respect to the master cylinder body, keeping the best working angle of the push rod. Therefore, either by getting the brake lever closer or farer to the handlebar, the efficiency of the kinematics motion does not change, assuring less friction and lack of scattered forces.

In addition the lever has its fulcrum on the pump body by mean of a bushing/gauged pin system which guarantees high stiffness and better feeling together with a high resistance to wear.

- Micro-switch

A special housing has been designed for the rear stop light mechanic micro switch, for street usage of the master cylinder. The micro-switch is supplied in the same master cylinder package.

The switch works "normally open" when the lever rests; by pressing the lever it closes the circuit. The switch can not replace a switch that works "normally closed", such as BMW switches. You can purchase optional switch available in the linked products.

19RCS , 17RCS, 15RCS, 14RCS ? These numbers identify piston diameter:

- 19RCS Corsa Corta to be installed on twin disks bikes with axial or radial calipers but NOT on Floating Calipers, for expert riders.

- 19RCS to be installed on twin disks bikes with axial or radial calipers but NOT on Floating Calipers

- 17RCS to be installed on twin disks bikes with axial or radial calipers whose pistons diameter is 32mm or lower, but NOT on Floating Calipers; for example Ducati Panigale or RSV4, Yamaha R6 etc etc.

- 15RCS to be used on twin disks braking system carrying floating calipers (Naked), and on single disk bikes (motard). The 15 RCS with 15 x 20 set up works like a 16 x 18 mc, while 15 x 18 equals a 16 x 16 mc.

- 14RCS to be installed on single/twin disks Scooters and single disks Motorcycles (from 50cc up to 600cc) . Available both Right and Left Side.

Fits a M10x1,0 mm bajo adapter (normaly japan bikes has M10x1,25mm one). Oem axial master cylinder brakes hoses could not fit radial mc, we can supply specific brake hoses or the adaptor.

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