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Pair of side-cases, black, with Carbon Look inserts and smoked reflectors, 37 ltr

Pair of V37 motorcycle side cases, 37 ltr each.

- The carbon-look cover and smoked reflectors give the V37NNT case its distinctive appearance.
- In addition, the sleek and ergonomic design doesn’t interfere with the natural position of the passenger's legs, thus improving his/her comfort while travelling.
- Each of these motorcycle side cases can hold a modular helmet (most of the models currently on the market).

The V37NNT side cases feature a MONOKEY® SIDE system with 4 anchor points, compatible with the PLX and PLXR frames currently in the catalogue, unless otherwise indicated in the "MY MOTORCYCLE" section.brBy combining two fitting systems, MONOKEY® and MONOLOCK®, a third option became available to motorcyclists: the MONOKEY® SIDE fitting system for motorcycle side cases. Created and patented by GIVI™ R&D department, MONOKEY® SIDE represents a significant evolution of the classic system consisting of an "attachment system plus hard side bags". The side cases belonging to this system feature contoured bases which adapt to the sloped shape of their holder, and new anchor points with "slides". These slides receive the disengagement signal from the release button on the side cases and provide an additional significant increase in general stability. In this way, side cases featuring MONOKEY® SIDE are held more firmly to the side of the motorcycle, for a notable improvement in general aerodynamics. The rider’s habits will not need to change, as he/she can continue to open/close and attach/release cases which feature MONOKEY® SIDE by using a single key along with the button control.

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