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Lenktyninės sankabos komplektas EBC-DRC241 (Dirt Race)

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Lenktyninės sankabos komplektas EBC-DRC241 (Dirt Race)

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The Ultimate clutch rebuild for your ATV and Moto Cross machine … Here’s why? Stack height is the all important factor when renewing a clutch and riders are always best to buy a complete kit than separate single plates as sold by bike manufacturers. Replacing just the “Apparently” worn plate or plates may not even get close to rebuilding your clutch to its original stack height and all you get is clutch slip and the job has to be done again. Compare that to the guaranteed results of the EBC DRC Clutch Kit.
-Complete stack height controlled set of friction plates using …
-EBC unique alloy article impregnated clutch facings that wear longer and resists burning plus …
-Pin planished steel driven plates that spread the oil around the clutch better and prevent clutch burn-up then even more!
-15% uprated heavy duty clutch springs to clamp those plates together firm and strong for the life of your clutch.

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