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Sankabos laikymo įrankis EBC-CT044

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Sankabos laikymo įrankis EBC-CT044

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Made in the UK by EBC Brakes these laser cut clutch tools make clutch removal, loosening of the drive shaft bolts and re tightening a breeze without any fear of damage to your expensive clutch basket. Do not use tyre levers or screwdrivers for this job as expensive damage can result.
The tools can even be extended to create more leverage if required with any simple workshop tool or simple tube but the tools themselves are an essential and very low cost item for clutch replacement.
EBC strongly recommends the use of these tools for all clutch work and compared to the high prices of manufacturers tools these are very much value for money and a worthwhile buy.
EBC produce a clutch tool for almost every clutch plate design know and all are listed in the main EBC application catalog.

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